How to Set up an HYIP Scam Site

Disclaimer:  These are just my assumptions on how it should be done, since my day job is making websites, and my night job is investing in HYIP. 

1. Get a domain name.  Make sure it is anonymous.  Getting an anonymous domain name ensures that you will not be traced in case of any problems. (5 mins)

2. Get Web Hosting.  Preferrably, one that accepts egold.  Some companies offer anonymous hosting as well. It seems katz global is the number one choice. (5 mins to 24 hours)

3. Get an HYIP Manager script. Goldcoders seems to be the top choice, but there are other scripts as well. (5 mins)

4. Get an e-gold account. Use a new one, actually, get at least 2. One for accepting deposts and paying off investors, and another one to keep most of the money.  Just in case the primary e-gold account gets blocked.  (5 mins)

5. Fund your e-gold account.  You’ll need initial capital to pay off the early investors and build good will.  So you will lost some money at the start. (24 – 48 hours by creditcard)

6. Make sure you can install all these different components together. (allow 24-48 hours for the domain name servers to propagate)

7. Make sure you have a nice professional website design/writeup. (3 days)

8. Create advertising banners. (3 hours)

9. Advertise in different HYIP Monitors. (4 hours)

10. Advertise in different HYIP forums. (4 hours)

11. Be sure to be active in the forums and pay on time.  (daily)

49 Responses to “How to Set up an HYIP Scam Site”

  1. kane Says:

    that easy huh? damn

  2. benno Says:

    So how does someone stay anonymous?
    I mean , with transactions and bank accounts and setting up a bogus company in panama for instance there has to be someone asking for documentation.

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  4. RalEloria Says:

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  5. LRHyip Says:

    There are already enough scammers in this industry! Do you feel we need more ?!

  6. tester Says:

    “There are already enough scammers in this industry! ” hey numbnuts they are all a scam……….all they are is a variant on a pyramid scheme…..industry wow thats funny………

  7. clement Says:

    do u mean you design those web sites that has been scaming me all this while? too bad men i kind o hate this you are doing its killing online job and when we
    start ours you people would begin to complian but no problems any way

  8. immegeexofe Says:

    Heh. Nice. Do you have a sense of wonder about my important climate I have a fresh joke for you) What did the elephant say to the naked man? How can you breathe through that?

  9. Admin Says:

    I also know that startuing a HYIP site is cheap and quick.
    I also want to start my HYIP (not a scam, an honest program).
    My concern is about legal issues because, for example, here in Italy collecting public saving is reserevd to bank and registered financial agents. Doing it wthou registration can mean 3 months to 3 years of jail.
    How can you avoid legal issues, provided you are honest and not intentionally deceiving people?

  10. scamer Says:

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  11. scamer Says:

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  12. scamer Says:

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  16. Andrew A. Sailer Says:

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  17. Luigi Fulk Says:

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  27. waoo Says:

    what is hyip ? can someone explain it please? i found weird stuff about it , not sure,,

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  42. Elo Says:

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